October WALL ROSE - 1 hr Workshop

Craft a lovely wall rose from crepe paper in under an hour (Price in Singapore dollars)

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This is a pre-recorded workshop that will launch on 1st October 2020 and will remain published for 15 days until 15th October 2020.

You'll learn how to create a lovely large crepe paper rose in under an hour. These roses are 20cm wide and I'll show you how I display them on my bedroom wall.

What we'll cover:
- Sculpting techniques for petals
- Assembly techniques
- Tips for displaying the wall roses

Click on the promo video above to view workshop highlights (music from Bensound.com)

August 1st: Pre-sale starts for individual course and 2-workshop Bundle (with September Succulents)
August 24th: Last day to register for 2-workshop Bundle
September 19th: Last day to register for Wall Rose Workshop
September 21st to 30th: Singapore Students will receive your material kits via mail
October 1st: Official Workshop LAUNCH (i.e. video will be published)
October 15th: Workshop CLOSES (i.e. all workshop content will be taken down)

What is a Pre-Recorded Workshop and why is it only up for a limited time?

This will be exactly like watching a Youtube Tutorial or any of my other Online Courses, you can pause and replay as many times as you like within the 15 days that the course is published!

This is NOT a live course (i.e. no Zoom required), but rather an alternative to in-person workshops, so that you can enjoy crafting without the hassle of safe distancing or wearing masks. I wanted to also offer the flexibility of time and convenience, so that you won't need to worry about tuning in on a fixed day, or being distracted by the technical aspects of operating Zoom. You can pick your own time and set your own pace to complete the workshop.

The 15 day limit allows me to coordinate the sending out of material kits and also to set my "office hours" whereby you can Whatsapp me for any help if necessary (see next question).

Will the instructor be available to help me out?

Since this is not a Zoom session, I can't guarantee that I can respond immediately if you need help. However, for all local students, I will provide my Whatsapp number and have Office Hours between 10am to 10pm. This means I'll keep my phone close by and you can message me anytime within that period to ask for help or send photos. I'll get back to you ASAP.

What about materials and tools?

You can find the full list of recommended tools and materials in the curriculum below, it's free to preview so that you can prepare everything we'll need before the workshop launch date.

For local students, you'll have the option of purchasing a SGD$40 material set* under the SGD$90 pricing option. After the closing date for sign-ups, I'll have them mailed over to you in the week of 21st September.

*Limited to one material kit per student. (This is to avoid multiple people sharing access to a single student's account. However, I'll be happy to sell more kits after the workshop video expires, so remember to download the summary sheet and templates!)

I'm based in Singapore and want to purchase the kits! What will be provided?

Only 10 material kits will be available to purchase for 10 students! Limited to 1 kit per student. Here's what I'll pack for you (visuals are free to preview under Curriculum):

SGD$40 MATERIAL KIT - everything you need to make 3 Wall Roses *
- Pre-cut Italian Crepe Paper Petals in Peach, Light Pink, Camellia Pink (that's right, you won't need to cut a thing!)
- 3 Foam Balls
- 1 curling tool
- Postage Fee Inclusive

*No Hot Glue Gun, mounting tape, or cardboard is included. If you'll like to top-up your kit with the option below, please let me know via email ([email protected])

- Hot Glue Gun + 5 glue sticks = +$12

I missed the deadline to register! Can I join this workshop in the future?

Yes! Depending on the popularity of the class, and availability of materials, I'll be able to bring back this workshop for future months :)

Why is the course priced at SGD$90?

I question pricing too when I'm looking to attend workshops, so I understand this question! Truthfully, this is about the usual price I charge my in-person workshops ($90-$110), and its pretty much the market rate of local workshops in Singapore. Plus, unlike an in-person session, you're free to replay this workshop multiple times and run it at your own pace.

The Breakdown: $50 goes to planning, filming, editing the videos, paying the administrative costs for payment and hosting the video on this pretty platform. $40 goes to not just the materials, but time spent on cutting the crepe paper parts for you (which I import from Italy, so its the good stuff yo), time spent packing, cost of packaging materials and postage fees.

Don't forget, you won't need to pay for commuting fees to and from the workshop venue, hence hope it's a reasonable price to ask for, and I thank you in advance for your support!

How do I display these wall roses?

I'm actually using blu-tac! Haha. It really depends on the type of surface you're attaching the wall roses to. The good news is that these roses are super lightweight, so using blu-tac was effective for me and allows me to change the roses' positions easily. Please be careful if you're attaching to a painted wall, the paint might peel if you're using mounting tape!

Your Instructor

Eileen Lim
Eileen Lim

Eileen is a self-taught crepe paper artist from sunny little Singapore. She launched 'Miss Petal & Bloom' in 2015 and has crafted blooms for many weddings, anniversaries, and special events. She has worked with brands such as Kate Spade New York, Franck Muller, Harper's Bazaar Singapore, The Body Shop, Keds, Mont Blanc, and many more. She is excited to teach and hopes to spread love, joy and inspiration through her paper blooms.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the workshop?
Unfortunately, I will not be offering refunds for workshops. However, if for any reason you're unhappy with the workshop, please reach out to Eileen and we'll see what we can do!

This course is closed for enrollment.